Allsteel brings you the most advanced home in the transportable market. The exclusive inclusion of Supaloc & Thermaloc combined with a unique combination of energy saving inclusions, delivers a home that features superior energy efficiency with an unmatched level of comfort & acoustic performance.

When it comes to building a new home, the up front costs and affordability are certainly a determining factor in your choice of residence. However, as energy costs continue to rise, the living costs you will experience over the life of your home also need to be considered. Building an 8 Star home results in a lower cost of ownership made possible by energy efficient inclusions and smart design choices.

Star ratings are a Government initiative to assist you in determining how efficient the home you plan to build will be. In plain terms, the more energy stars your home has, the more comfortable it is, with less need for heating or cooling.

The South Australian Government introduced National energy efficiency regulations in 2010, resulting in a minimum 6 star rating requirement. However, it is important to note that less than one per cent of Australian houses built before 2003 achieved six stars. In fact, research shows that the average Australian home built before 2005 averages less than 3 stars*.

To put star ratings into perspective consider the following:

  • A zero star rating means the building shell does practically nothing to reduce the discomfort of hot or cold weather.
  • The current industry standard of six stars indicates good, but not outstanding, thermal performance.
  • An 8 star home has the potential to save you up to 78% more in energy costs than the average 3 star home.
  • Occupants of a 10 star rated home require zero energy and will not need any artificial cooling or heating.


Effective insulation is arguably one of the most important elements of an energy efficient home.

A well insulated home requires considerably less heating and cooling to maintain a comfortable temperature. When you consider such temperature control consumes approximately 38% of your energy bill, the importance of insulation becomes clear. The inclusion of Thermaloc Rigid Cellular Insulation sets Allsteel apart from our competitors. It is a patented product, exclusive to Allsteel and unmatched in its performance.


In addition to being highly energy efficient and contributing to the thermal comfort of the home, Thermaloc also performs well acoustically. When moulded into the Supaloc frames, the insulating material absorbs sound reverberation, providing an enhanced level of acoustic comfort in your home. Its main benefit is the significant reduction in the under foot ‘drumming’ often associated with transportable homes. This describes the dissatisfying noisy echo that accompanies footfall, speech or music in homes.

Energy Efficient Inclusions

Thermaloc Insulated

The key to the 8 Star home is the revolutionary building systems inherent in its design. Thermaloc is a structural building system that combines the strength of Supaloc® steel framing with the outstanding thermal properties of rigid cellular insulation.

The Thermaloc insulation medium is a lightweight, foam material produced by expanding solid beads of polystyrene (EPS). This material acts as an acoustic and thermal insulator, is moisture resistant, recyclable and environmentally sound. Every cavity within the Supaloc Steel frame is filled with EPS to produce a fully insulated, air tight, structural framing system for walls, floors and ceilings.

Installed in the external walls and floor of your Allsteel home, this unique product combination provides outstanding thermal qualities. What this means is that you will need substantially less heating and cooling to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home. On average, heating and cooling consumes approximately 38% of your overall energy usage. A reduction in the need for such temperature control will translate into considerable cost savings on a weekly, monthly and annual basis.

Double Glazed Windows and Sliding Doors

Double glazing acts in a very similar way to the insulating material within your walls. A sealed air gap between the two panes of glass acts as an added layer of insulation. This reduces the amount of heat escaping in winter and has the reverse effect in summer, preventing unwanted heat from entering the home.

R6.0 Insulation to Ceiling

R6.0 is one of the highest levels of insulation available for Australian homes. When combined with Thermaloc in your external walls, you are guaranteed the very highest level of thermal performance.

LED Lighting Throughout

Traditional lighting options made available to most homeowners waste heat and money in equal measure. L.E.D lamps in comparison, have very low power consumption, very low heat output and a very long life.

Reflective Foil Roof Sarking

Reflective foil roof sarking provides insulation against radiant heat and reduces the flow of water vapour from the outside environment into the home.

Plantation Shutters

In addition to adding to your home aesthetically, shutters assist in controlling light, heat and also natural airflow.

13mm Gyprock to Ceilings and Walls

Gyprock plasterboard is designed to provide increased acoustic and thermal resistance in wall and ceiling systems. The use of 13mm in place of standard 10mm, increases the thermal efficiency of the home.

Ceiling Fans Throughout

Ceiling fans can make a room feel four to five degrees cooler. Your air conditioner will run much more efficiently when used in conjunction with a ceiling fan, and in mediocre heat, the use of a ceiling fan can replace air conditioning all together.

Additional Inclusions

8 Star Specification

In addition to our high performing 8 Star energy efficient inclusions, we pay particular attention to the quality of the remaining products that make up your home. All of our suppliers boast a vast range of products and colour choices, and we consider design flexibility to be an absolute must!

The 8 Star specification is available to apply to any of our homes. Star ratings may vary with each design, dependant on orientation and climate zone. Please refer to your building consultant for further information.

Supaloc Steel Framing

The inclusion of Supaloc steel further adds to the benefits of your 8 Star home. Supaloc steel frames have the potential to save you thousands of dollars in maintenance costs and chemical termite treatments over the life of your home. Maintenance issues can arise due to the natural behaviour of timber frames. Timber shrinks and expands according to environmental conditions at a rate that conflicts with plasterboard, causing cracks in the lining surfaces, peaking of ceiling joints and cracked cornices. In contrast, a Supaloc steel frame is 100% impermeable to termite damage and is riveted and bolted into place ensuring virtually no movement for the life of the home.

* Average Home rating calculated based on homes constructed in Victoria between 1990 and 2005 prior to the introduction of the 5 Star standard. Victorian Households Energy Report. ** Minimum energy efficiency requirement for new homes. *** All data subject to house orientation.