Increased Energy Efficiency

Traditional lighting options made available to most homeowners waste heat and money in equal measure. L.E.D lamps in comparison have very low power consumption, very low heat output and a very long life.

Reduced Heat Output

Commonly used halogen down lights, can generate temperatures as high as 370°C. Less than 10% of this energy is required for lighting. The remaining 90% of generated energy is simply wasted as extra heat which will require additional cooling capacity to be removed in summer. In addition to making halogen downlights costly to run, the high running temperatures are also quite hazardous. Downlights must have a clear area of 300mm around the fitting when installed in the ceiling which means your insulation is compromised and ultimately ineffective. In comparison L.E.D lamps operate at approx 35 - 40°C, since they convert nearly all their input electricity into light.

Increased Lightspan

L.E.D's are generally estimated to last a staggering 50,000 hours. In comparison incandescent globes only last approx 1,200 hours. Quite simply this means you will not have to replace your bulbs frequently and over time translates to significant cost savings for the homeowner.