We are excited to announce a number of brand new home designs now available and ready to build. From large family homes, to cosy weekend retreats, we have a variety of designs to suit every lifestyle.

We spoke to Allsteel's chief floorplan designer Mike Simms about the design process.

"When creating a new Allsteel home it's important to consider all elements of home design and lifestyle as a whole. As they are transportable homes, the design must meet certain requirements to ensure suitability for delivery, while still encompassing the requirements of a living environment. The unique thing about Allsteel is that our homes are transportable without compromising on style or features.”

The use of strong, sturdy Supaloc steel frames means that it's possible to create larger open spaces than with traditional building materials. Likewise with the use of Thermaloc insulation, because of its superior insulating properties it is possible to reach minimum energy rating requirements without compromising on other features. This paves the way for larger windows and, which is a huge benefit for the design of a home.

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