As you may know, Allsteel Transportable Homes are part of the global South Australian company Weeks Group, of which Kevin Weeks is the Managing Director. Kevin is embarking an enormous ride to raise funds for Parkinson's SA, an inspiring organisation that provide support and assistance for people with Parkinson's and their families.

Kevin is an absolute inspiration, both in the way he tackles his own symptoms head on, and the way he puts such great amounts of time and effort into helping others.

Here's what Kevin has to say about the ride.

"When I'm riding two things happen - I forget about my Parkinson's and I actually feel like symptoms, such as my tremor, improve. Research shows that cycling does actually improve symptoms.

I’m riding from Adelaide to Rockhampton to raise money so that other people living with Parkinson's without the ability to cycle out on the open road can also feel this good by creating a cycling program at Parkinson's SA.

Please make a donation. Thanks and see you on the road!"

To stay up to date with the progress of the ride, and to donate, click here.

For more information, watch this touching Today Tonight story covering Kevin's journey.