Block Preparation

At Allsteel we want to ensure you understand each stage of your building process, so you feel comfortable every step of the way. It is important to work with Allsteel in order to prepare your site to the correct requirements. This allows for easy truck access and ensures that your home delivery runs smoothly and without delay.

Block preparation may include tree removal, shed or house demolition, which needs to be completed well before the delivery date.

We recommend that this is completed as early as possible, to allow time for soil to settle, ready for site preparation.

Drafting of final plans

After the contract has been signed, and the deposit has been paid, we will send you a document acknowledging the cooling off period. You must sign and return this, upon which our drafting team can commence your final plans.

These plans consist of the working drawings, site plan, floor plan, elevations and technical drawings. Once complete, these are sent to you for signing. Should alterations be required, you can now contact your Sales Consultant who will assist you make these changes.

Engineering and council approvals

Once your final plans have been drafted and signed off, these are sent to an independent engineer and the council for approval. The Allsteel admin team will handle this phase for you, and we will keep you updated as to the progress of this stage.

Site Inspection

Our experienced transport company complete a thorough site survey before the delivery process commences, to ensure there are no obstacles that may inhibit transport, such as poles, trees or overhead wires. Normally this process is completed after contract signing, but in special circumstances this may be done prior to entering the building contract to determine whether your site is suitable for transportable home delivery. We can then customise your home design to suit your site if required.


Whilst engineering and council approval are being obtained, you can partake in the exciting stage of Selections! This is where you get to choose all the colours, fittings and finishes of your new home. You will meet with an Allsteel Selections Consultant who will guide you through the process. During this process you have the option to choose items within your selected Specification, or to upgrade items to your liking. Upgraded items will attract an additional cost.

The MyStyle Selection Studio brings together products, colour choices and inspirational ideas. With every style and finish you can think of under one roof, get excited by the possibilities and start to visualise your dream home.

Building and Finance Approval

Once your plans and selections are finalised and council development approval is received, Allsteel will provide you with a Builder’s Pack to forward to your bank so that the formal approval of your construction loan can be granted.  Formal finance approval will be required before we can commence the building process.


Whilst we await your finance approval, our Administration team will schedule and prepare all the work orders required to build your home and your file is prepared in readiness to forward to our Construction team.