Service connection

Once your home is delivered, it is your responsibility to have the services connected. Our construction team will advise you of your home delivery date 4-8 weeks prior to this date. Once you are provided with the delivery date, it is important that you begin booking your plumbing, sewerage, electrical and stormwater connections, ideally for the day after delivery. These connections should be connected within two weeks of setdown, to ensure the smooth transition of your finance. During the design phase our team will provide concept plans and site layouts for you to provide to your local plumber, electrician and earthmover.

Plumbing connection

Your plumber is required to connect your home to the mains water, via one specified location in your home. The discharges for toilets and sinks are located below the floor level, and your plumber will be required to gather these discharges and direct them to the sewer.

Electricity connection

On delivery, the home is wired electrically as per your selection. Your electrician simply needs to wire from the mains meter box. If the meter box is located on the side of the home, it will be removed for transport to ensure it is not damaged. In this case, your electrician will need to reinstall it.




Handover maintenance

Upon handover, we perform a final check of the home to ensure no damage was incurred during transportation. At this time, we will fix any issues that may have arisen, and we encourage owners to notify us of any additional concerns should they arise. It is uncommon for damage to occur, but especially in circumstances where the delivery route is long or arduous, it is not impossible, so we want to ensure you are satisfied with your home before moving in. You will then be required to sign a Certificate of Practical Completion, stating that you are satisfied with the finished product.

Three month maintenance period

Within the first three months of owning your new home, we will fix any issues that you discover in your home free of charge. All we ask is that you contact our Construction team within a few days of the 3-month period and we will arrange for our maintenance contractor to attend your home. 


5 year statutory builder's warranty

We offer the industry standard 5 year builder's warranty. Contact us for the full Terms and Conditions of this warranty here.

25 year structural warranty

In addition to the industry standard, Allsteel also offer a 25 year structural warranty. Contact us for the full Terms and Conditions of this warranty here.

It is critical to ensure that your site is prepared as per the specifications we provide, to safeguard against unwanted movement in your home. Stormwater must also be effectively directed away from your home, as not to overly wet the soil directly beneath the home which can also lead to undesirable movement. Movement of the soil causes the home to shift and warp, causing cracking of walls or tiles. If your home's foundation is not suitably prepared, then these issues may not be covered under warranty. For this reason, we encourage home owners to thoroughly read our Site Preparation guidelines.