Delivering your home


The day before delivery, your home will be carefully lifted onto a custom designed truck at our build yard in Edinburgh North. The home is lifted using specially designed jacks, after which the truck drives underneath the home. These trucks are especially created for the manoeuvre and delivery of transportable homes, so you can be sure your home will be safe and secure throughout the delivery process. We use the most professional delivery service in Australia to ensure your home is delivered safely and on time.


The delivery phase is possibly the most exciting of all. Your home is complete, and soon you will be moving in for a fresh start. Your home will be transported to your site from our build yard in Edinburgh North. A police escort may be required depending on the size of your home and the delivery location. We use designated transport routes to ensure the safety of your home and the safety of other road users. It is truly an amazing sight, seeing a fully built Allsteel home make its way across the country. We encourage owners to be present at their block on delivery day, to witness the excitement of their brand new home arriving.

On occasion, there are unforeseen circumstances where delivery routes are altered and alternative routes must be organised. This is a very rare occurrence and we do our very best to deliver your home as promptly as possible.

Set Down

Once your home arrives it will be set down on site with great precision. Its exact location must be in accordance with council approval. The truck moves into position over the pad your earthmover has prepared. The pad needs to consist of a minimum of 100mm of road base or similar material, compressed to 100kpa. It must be at least 2m wider than the footprint of your home including any verandahs to allow room for jacks. The home is raised from the truck with the jacks, and held up by secure, temporary props, after which the truck drives out from underneath the home. As per an engineering report, concrete blocks with ant caps are laid out and levelled.  Tie downs are bolted to the underside of the home to provide a solid and secure attachment. Your home is then carefully lowered onto the concrete blocks, and the tie downs are concreted into the pre-dug holes.

With over 30 years’ experience in home construction, you can be sure your new home is in safe hands. We take the utmost care to ensure your new home arrives safely and ready for you to move in!