Budget & Finance

Determine your Budget
Before you begin the building process, it is important to determine your budget constraints. Prior to purchasing a block of land, be sure to seek advice from your bank to ensure you can obtain the required finance to build a home on your block of choice. There is no point owning the perfect block if you cannot afford to build on it. Seek a rough guideline of how much you can borrow, so you know your price range once you begin the home hunting process. This will determine the size of the homes you can look at, as well as the Specification you can afford.

Understanding Finance
We get a lot of questions about the finance process of your new home, and how the process differs from slab on ground home finance, so we’re here to explain.

Home Loans
As the home is built off site and transported to your block, the loans are structured a little differently, but in principal they work the same. With slab on ground home finance, the bank pays in stages or 'claims' as the build progresses. The only difference with transportable homes, is that there are no progress payments, and the financier pays in full once the home has been completed and delivered on site.

Some financial institutions may advise you that they do not finance transportable homes. This is not the case as most major banks will provide finance for transportable homes. If you encounter issues with your bank, please contact us for assistance. At Allsteel we have brokers who can help organise your finance with the lending institution of your choice. Alternatively, they are happy to provide advice and you can use your normal financier with the information and structure provided.

Cash Purchase
Those making a cash purchase pay a $3,500 deposit on signing the contract, a further 25% at the frame stage, 35% at cladding and roofing completion, 35% at practical completion, with the balance payable just prior to delivery.

Block Selection

It is important to choose a block of land that is suitable to your lifestyle, your needs and your new Allsteel home. Check that your block has adequate access to services such as electricity, water, sewage and gas. Also consider the internet connection available, if this is important to you.

It is recommended that you find out from the local council authority as to any encumbrances that may apply to the block (such as minimum house setbacks, build time limits etc).  Every council district varies slightly with their development requirements and conditions.  It is helpful to identify any issues up front so that we can help you with your home design down the track.

Be sure to consult with your lender about the prospect of building a new transportable home before purchasing a block. You need to ensure that you can obtain finance for both the block and the home. You don't want to be stuck with an empty block without the finance to build. Finally, we recommend that you consult with Allsteel before purchasing a block, to ensure your block is suitable for the delivery of an Allsteel home.

Home Selection

The process of choosing your new home is one of the most exciting stages of the building process. We have a wide variety of home designs for you to choose from, ranging from simple, cosy homes to generous family homes. It is important to determine your needs before you begin the search. Consider the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, living and entertaining areas you require, as well as your budget considerations. You can begin your search right here on our website, where you can search homes based on your individual requirements. Consider whether you would like a "down the block" or "across the block" design, by examining your block dimensions and orientation. "Down the block" homes will feature the entrance on the narrow side of the home, and are deeper than they are wide. Conversely, "across the block" homes are wider than they are deep, and position the entrance on the long side of the home. You want to ensure that your home maximises the existing features of your block, including views, natural light and prevailing heating and cooling properties. Any home design that you choose can also be modified to suit these factors.

Custom Design

We are happy to customise any of our existing home designs to suit your individual needs. While it is a requirement for all homes to reach a 6 star energy rating, our Supaloc steel framing system combined with the energy efficient Thermaloc insulation make custom designing easy and affordable. With these energy efficient materials, you have the luxury of greater design flexibility while still meeting these industry standards. Our sales team can alter existing Allsteel plans or work with your own design to ensure that these initial drawings suit your lifestyle requirements. Our team can also draw your home and display it to you in 3D, showing options and alternatives to your liking.


After choosing the layout and floor plan of your new home, it’s an exciting time as you decide on the fittings and finishes that will complete your desired look.

My Style Standard Inclusions

We pride ourselves on quality, so in every Allsteel home, you are guaranteed the inclusion of the most innovative products and building technologies. In particular, the use of our Supaloc® Steel Framing System and insulation options ensure an affordable, high performance, low energy, sustainable home.

With the environment in mind, Allsteel Transportable Homes also provide a ‘6-Star Specification’ which allows you to meet Energy Rating requirements with ease.

Overflowing with quality features and stunning finishes, enjoy the confidence that comes with owning a home that has been constructed to the highest level, and fitted-out with state of the art appliances and fittings.

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Preliminary Drawings

The preliminary drawings of your floorplan and elevation provide the initial concept of your new home design.  Your Sales Consultant will work with you to create a floorplan that meets all your requirements and suits your individual lifestyle. You can choose to use and modify existing Allsteel plans or work from scratch using your own design. As you sit with our experienced Consultants, they can modify your floorplan on the fly, and display it in 3D to give you a sense of your final home. These plans will then be used to provide a quotation for your build. You will have the opportunity to make modifications to these plans in the next phase of the building process, during the drafting of the final plans.

Quotation and quotation acceptance

Once the preliminary drawings are complete, you are provided with a quote outlining everything that will be included in your home. Our pricing schedule allows for complete transparency so you can be certain of what's included and what's not. Your design is priced with your chosen Specification items with any addition, subtraction and alterations listed. Our flooring and air-conditioning suppliers then provide a quote based on the concept plan and these are added to your pricing schedule. Once you are satisfied with the quote provided, you are required to accept this quote and the Contract and Deposit process may commence.

Contract and Deposit

Once you are happy with your preliminary floorplan and pricing schedule, we prepare an HIA Transportable Home Contract. This industry standard document gives you peace of mind that your contract meets all Australian industry requirements. With this document we include your Specification, Pricing and Plans. A sum of just $3,500 is the deposit payable upon signing the contract.