Allsteel Transportable Homes are industry leaders in design, functionality and high quality product inclusions as standards.

We use Corinthian Enviroseal Door Frames. Enviroseal seals the exterior doors around the jamb and across the tread, providing insulation from wind, rain, noise and draughts. The Enviroseal also features an innovative self-draining, aluminium tread.

For doors and windows to function, they must have gaps between their edges and the frame to allow for easy operation and to accommodate normal building movement. However, these gaps can allow the intrusion of draughts, dust, insects, rain, noise, vermin, fire, smoke or bushfire embers. 

Unsealed doors and windows allows the leakage of heating and cooling which significantly increases energy costs and reduces the energy efficiency of other design elements of a building. Whereas, Corinthian's Enviroseal seals the exterior doors, providing protection from the elements. Check out the Enviroseal doors at our Display centre at Hooke Road, Edinburgh North.

Enviroseal Door Frames by Corintian is just another advantage when you build with Allsteel Transportable Homes.