We are ecstatic to announce that we will be offering R6 Bradford Batt Ceiling Batts (260mm thick) up from our industry high R5 batts (240mm thick) at no additional cost.

The Bradford Batts are made in Australia to withstand Australian conditions. The higher the R-value rating, the more effective the insulation is, as the batts provide a better level of the resistance to heat in your home. Understanding the difference between R–values is important as it can mean the difference between getting an average product for your home with average benefits, and getting the best product for your home!

Combining the R3.35* Thermaloc exterior wall insulation (115mm RCI) and R6.6* Thermaloc (200m RCI) is a highly cost effective solution to rising energy costs and providing outstanding acoustic benefits.

Our combination of insulation products is just another reason you’ll enjoy the advantages of an Allsteel Transportable Home!