Christmas Charcuterie Board

It’s the silly season and what better way to celebrate with friends and family then with a charcuterie board. We have shared our ideas to inspire you to dive in and make your own charcuterie board

There are no hard rules for making a charcuterie. Make it your own, change it up, think outside the box! That is what makes charcuteries so interesting and fun; they are always different.

Make it an epic centre piece or dial it down to suit your number of guests. Tailor the below ingredients to your taste and budget.

What you need:

- Serving Board

- Serving utensils (cheese serving knives, forks)

- Ramekins


Focus on three things: Variety, Taste and Texture.

Cheeses - Brie, Camembert, Vintage Cheddar, Aged Gouda, Blue

Cured Meats - Mild Salami, Spicy Salami, Prosciutto

Fruits - Grapes, Strawberries, Blue berries, Raspberries, Apple, Sundried Tomatoes, Olives

Vegetables - Roasted capsicum, Carrots, Cucumber

Nuts - Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans

Spreads - Quince paste, honey, Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with garlic, for dipping

Bread - Baguette

Biscuits - Water crackers

Chocolate - Squares of your favourite chocolate. Add contrast with white and dark.

How to arrange:

Make it your own, use what you have.

1. Cheeses. Arrange them around the board. Pre-slice hard cheeses and cut a few wedges into the brie.

2. Meats. Fold them in a variety of patterns.

3. Pickled Items. Add items that require a dish so you can gauge your space.

4. Condiments and Spreads. Place condiments near cheeses that pair well. (i.e. honey next to brie). Keep condiments in jars and ramekins.

5. Fresh Fruit & Vegetables. Cut grapes into small portions and pre-slice apples, rinse, and pat dry berries. Cut vegetables into matchsticks.

6. Nuts and Extras. Place pecans or walnuts and pistachios next to brie or soft cheeses. Also add chocolate squares.

7. Arrange crackers and baguette in remaining spaces or serve them in a separate platter.