Future proof with steel

Leading into bushfire season, feel safe knowing your Allsteel home is built with the strength of Supaloc steel frames, the premium brand for steel frame solutions in the construction industry.

Environmentally friendly and energy smart, steel is a standard inclusion in each Allsteel home design.

Not only does steel ensure your home is safe throughout the delivery process, but it’s backed with a 50 year guarantee* and built to the highest Australian safety standards.

Have peace of mind and the assurance your home will withstand all the elements, whilst staying 100% straight and true and termite proof.

Safe and Secure

The roof locks to the wall and the wall locks to the slab – the whole thing locks together.

Termite Proof

1 in 5 homes suffer termite attack... don’t risk your biggest investment.

Fully Engineered

Unique factory fitted connections, mean there’s simply no room for error.

Straight and True

Interlocking brackets, unique to Supaloc®, give you straight walls and ceilings every time!

Unmatched in strength and performance, learn why steel is your best defence in a bushfire.


Steel’s non-combustible material is ideal for making property frames in a bushfire prone area. By using steel frames instead of timber, it will automatically reduce the number of flammable materials in the home.

Heat Resistance

Steel frames are highly resilient against heat. The melting point of steel is estimated at 1350 degrees, making steel an ideal choice for choosing bushfire-prone materials when building your home.


The Supaloc system of frames and trusses are strong and resilient, providing durability to your home. Steel frames can withstand various climatic challenges including extreme wind speeds in a bushfire.