Autumnal Styling

As the weather starts to cool down it is natural that we gravitate towards decorating our home to suit the seasonal change, making way for darker hues, textures, and layers.

Why not tap into the seasonal trends of Autumn to make your home feel warm, welcoming & brand-new. Keep reading to find out how!

1. Velvet Revival

Velvet has been making a strong comeback for some time now with the revival of 70’s inspired interior design. Adding a textured fabric like velvet can bring richness to your space this autumn. Gentle hints in your soft furnishings can create an elegant finish to the space or be bold with large pieces of furniture like a statement chair.

2. Green, Green, Green

Green has been the hero colour so far for 2022, creating a connection with nature through our interior colour schemes. Green is the colour of harmony, nature, and life, and this autumn we will see colour palettes made up of sage to emerald with hints of earthy browns, wood tones and deep oranges all featuring heavily in paint, wallpaper, artwork, and décor.

3. Cosy Up

Is there anything better than snuggling up under cosy blankets with a good read hidden away from the rest of the world? Que a snug reading corner - that can be used all year round! Add a comfortable chair, elegant side table, and new lamp to the area of your home that you feel most calm in. Decorate with different textured cushions and chunky throws to create the most intimate space to snuggle down into and relax on those cool autumn afternoons.

4. Mixed Textures

There’s nothing cosier than a warm Autumn home; this is best done through mixed textures and layering. Tactile features can be introduced into your home in a variety of ways including throw blankets, cushions, furniture, and decor. Think chunky knits, statement cushions featuring woven textures such as corduroy, pouffes and small décor items such as ribbed vases.

Why not use these interior design trends to inspire your creativity and give your interior a refresh with a fresh colour palette.

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