With kids heading back to school, and most adults returning to work, it’s important for both to get back into a routine, especially when it comes to homework or book work.


Study Nooks are a genius space for your kids to sit down, concentrate and do their homework! They can also be created as a communal space, allowing you to easily assist your child with their studies, school projects, arts and crafts or even as an additional office nook for the whole family.

Having a dedicated area in your home for a Study Nook is much easier than working in another area of your home – it’s a space away from messy rooms and Kitchen benches, where distractions can easily take place and homework can take longer than it should. Plus, creating an exciting, colourful and inviting environment for your children will make them a lot more enthusiastic when it comes to study time!!

Here are our top tips for planning your study nook in your new home.


When designing your new study or workspace, size matters in a few categories.

Will you require seating for one or two?

Do you have a sizeable, dedicated area to create a functional space?

Incorporating storage for paperwork, office and household items, such as full height storage, overhead cupboards, drawers and open shelves will help maximise every inch.

Where and how you work is another important factor.

The typical height of a work desk should be 750mm high with a depth of at least 600mm – 800mm to fit the trusty work chair under

And don’t forget to take regular short breaks to stretch the eyes and the legs!


Consider who will use the space to work out the ideal location:

• For younger children, an area located near the Kitchen or Living area will allow you to keep an eye on homework will preparing dinner.

• Teenagers or adults will require a quieter location away from noisy, communal areas such as near a bedroom or hallway.

Your study nook should be located in a well-lit area, ideally near a window. A well placed wall light may be just the ticket, or integrate a small downlight for the ultimate task lighting.

If you’re working extended hours from home, aim for a space that can be shut down at the end of the working week in order to achieve that work-life balance!


Strike a balance with these top tips to achieve a balance between functional, inspirational, comfortable and personal.

• Install open shelves to personalise your space with books, art or photo frames.

• Bring the outdoors in with a air-purifying indoor plant

• Add a mirror for a quick check out point on the way out the door.

• Eliminate distractions and eyesores by including hidden power points with cabinetry to conceal cables and allow for a discreet charging station.