At Allsteel Homes when you commit to us, we commit to you! Our 16week* guaranteed site start to delivery date timeframe, centralised manufacturing location and quality process ensures the fastest build time possible! We ensure your new Allsteel home will be delivered onsite securely, safely and on time for you to start living your dream lifestyle sooner!

Once you have made your initial deposit with us, we schedule a start month for your home to commence construction in our facility - this is aimed to provide you with more certainty when you build with Allsteel.

So, how does the construction process work?

Construction Phase 1

Your house will begin to take shape at our manufacturing site. This process will include the following 6 stages

1. Floor framing – 5 days

2. Wall & roof framing – 5 days

3. Cladding - 5 days

4. Lining – 10 days

5. Kitchen / Robes / Carpentry – 10 days

Construction Phase 2

The final construction phase is when all the finishing touches and details are added.

1. Tiling – 10 days

2. Painting 10 days

3. Electrical & plumbing – 10 days

4. Final finishing items – 5 days

5. Completion checks – 5 days

Once the construction phase is completed, we will initiate delivery. Your dream home is on the move – by far the most exciting step throughout the whole process!


The day prior to your delivery date, your home will be carefully prepared for transport from our manufacturing site. The trucks we use are specifically designed for the manoeuvre and delivery process of transportable homes, ensuring the upmost safety of your home throughout the whole delivery process.


Your home will be transported from our build site in Edinburgh North to wherever you call home following designated transport routes to ensure the safety of your home and other road users. We highly recommend you be on site the day of your delivery to experience the pure buzz of your brand-new home arriving.

Set Down

The final step! Your home will be set down onsite with great precision and in accordance with your council approval. Your home will be carefully lowered onto the pre-prepared site, ready for you to add your final site touches and start living!

With over 20 years of experience, Allsteel is South Australia’s leading transportable home builder. See how we continue to lead the way and deliver homes a little different. Contact our sales team on 1800 219 278 for more information.

Terms and Conditions: *Guaranteed Delivery Date

Allsteel reserves the right to change the Guaranteed Delivery Date due to reasons including, but not limited to; inclement weather, variations raised during construction period, delays due to owner works in our facility, restrictions limiting freedom of travel and supplier delays.

- The Guaranteed Delivery Date may be delayed by the industry shut down period (includes but not limited to 4-week period over Christmas)

- Delays caused due to client requests such as holding for stage inspections in our facility will void the build time guarantee

- Date is void where hidden site conditions are encountered including but not limited to; rock, buried material, artifacts, sewer or other underground services.

- Any breach of contract will lead to an extension of time, or the owner’s failure to make any payment on time

- The delivery means the home has arrived onsite – site works for the purpose of home installation and post-delivery building works are excluded from this guarantee. The time starts when the frame assembly is started in our facility

- Any reference to days, is specific to business days, not calendar days