Efficiency in insulation

When you build with Allsteel Homes you will be guaranteed all year-round comfort with the inclusion of our effective 6-star energy rated insulation.

All our home designs offer built in value, especially when it comes to our standout insulation keeping you warm in winter & cool in summer as well as offering superior sound-proofing qualities.

The properties and performance of the R3.0 gold batts used in our fully insulated subfloor system is unmatched. The thermal and acoustic properties remove the noisy floor syndrome. Combined with R5.0 batts to the ceiling and R2.0 gold batts to the external walls, the comfort and energy efficiency of our homes leads the transportable housing market.

Looking for something more? We offer an innovative upgrade option from standard R2.0 to R3.6. The upgraded insulation option offers better acoustics, and improves the thermal performance, leading to reduced heating/cooling costs over the life of your home.

Standard vs Upgraded Insulation
Standard vs Upgraded Insulation

With the costs of electricity on the rise, why not upgrade your insulation to relish in the benefits of lower power bills over the life of your home.

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