In January 2020, my partner and I started searching for our forever home. We have lived in a modest Shed with five children for eight long years and finally found ourselves in a position to finance a transportable home to put on our small rural block.

I personally scoured all over NSW, some of Qld and into VIC until I came across AllSteel! Nothing in each of the other states even came close to not just the design or quality of the homes at AllSteel or the price range but the incredible customer care!

From start to finish the experience with AllSteel was amazing, Mary O’Connor helped us in the preliminary stages and Tricia Disbury took over once we had signed up. Both of these women went above and beyond to look after us and help in choosing our forever home!!

Finally, after everything was put together our home was delivered a very long way from Adelaide across some bumpy dirt roads by Scott and his transportation team with absolute care! Not a cracked tile to be seen and within a day and a half we had a beautiful home for our family.

Thank you AllSteel.

Amanda & Wayne