Thirteen years ago, my partner Leanne and myself started a journey of discovery. We have both had a dream of an off grid or partially off grid existence and so the planning and research began.

Our first venture into this field of discovery began with land and the type of dwelling. We wanted our house to be incredibly well insulated, strong, resistant to pest invasion and low maintenance. We spent considerable hours of internet time trying to fit a builder to our needs.

We found that if we chose to have a home built in the country our first hurdle was the cost of such an undertaking.

The second hurdle was to look for a reputable builder that can build a transportable home off site and deliver the home upon completion.

We sifted through the transportable home builders and found some wonderful designs. But most fell short of the mark with insulation and insect infestation protection. The necessity of building a home with a steel house frame was a no brainer, whilst purposely manufactured internal wall insultation was important to our home.

Allsteel Transportable Homes delivered both of these for us.

From our first meeting with the friendly and professional Allsteel consultants to the delivery on site of our new home, was an unbelievably easy process. Step by step, the Allsteel crew kept us up to date with the progress of our home. I was able to talk to the team with easy-to-understand dialogue and they even laughed at my stupid jokes.

We now enjoy a home in the heart of the Flinders Ranges that certainly doesn't fit the usual outdated traits of a transportable home. Cool in summer, warm in winter, minimal cost and use of power to create a comfortable living environment. Allsteel engineers ensured the roof was prepared for our solar panels and everything was taken into consideration as we planned our roof water harvesting and septic. Semi off grid living in modern, luxurious comfort that will undoubtedly serve us, our children and our grandchildren for years to come.

Glen and Leanne