We are proud to have recently built a beautiful new home for the Oakey family, who were severely impacted by the devastating Pinery bushfires. Located in the area of Templars, just north of Adelaide, the Oakeys enjoyed a beautiful block where they lived in their family home. In November 2015, the Pinery bushfire struck, destroying over 380 farming buildings and 91 homes, including the Oakey residence.

Mrs. Lorraine Oakey told us about their terrifying experience.

“The fire was just horrific. By the time we realised the fire was upon us, we had just seconds to get out. I grabbed my handbag, but didn’t have time for anything else.”

The Oakey family home was engulfed in flames, and they were lucky to escape, devastated but unharmed.

Since the devastating fires, the Oakeys have had to stay at their block to look after their animals and keep their property secure. They’ve been living in their shed, which they’ve managed to turn into a cosy cottage. But now it’s the luxury of space that they are looking forward to in their new home.

Mrs. Oakey has been astounded and humbled by the generosity and compassion they’ve experienced since the fires. 

“People in the community have been incredible. It’s been just fantastic.” 

Their son James also lost his home and is now moving in with them into their new Allsteel home.

Husband Mr. Jim Oakey has been impressed with the Allsteel team. 

“The Allsteel tradespeople have been fantastic. They are very hard workers who stay from 6am until dark. We couldn’t have asked for better workers.”

Mrs. Oakey can’t wait to move into their new home. 

“We just love the home, we’re absolutely delighted. I’m most excited about my new kitchen!”

The Oakey family chose the Rosemont design, featuring a stunning front and rear deck.

We are thrilled to be able to bring some joy back into their lives and help them have a fresh start for the future. We wish them all the best and we hope they enjoy many happy years in their beautiful new home.